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Storage Info

Storage advice for your purchase


We make the scones in our kitchen for your order on the same day we ship them. They arrive to you in a sealed, airtight sustainable clear cellulose bag. 

To enjoy your cream tea in all its finest glory we recommend eating it on the day of arrival and by warming the scones slightly before eating, this makes the experience so much more enjoyable!

As our scones are made fresh and to order, if you really need to store them for longer then you could freeze them. Keep them in their sealed bags and consume within 4 weeks (don’t forget to defrost and warm them still before eating).


Our jam is a soft set jam as we do not use gelling agents. If you manage to restrain yourself so you have some left to enjoy on another day then we suggest always using a clean spoon to get your jam out of the jar and onto your scone.

Once the jam has been opened, we recommend you consume within 7 days.

Clotted / Cultured Cream

We send our cream out in a recyclable bag with little ice packs to keep them cold that you can reuse on another occasion!  So, when your parcel arrives please prioritise the cream and move directly to your fridge until you are ready to eat it.

In the unlikely event you have some cream left after enjoying your cream tea (why would you do that? Get those scones piled on with Dorset dollops of cream!) Please ensure it is stored in the fridge and consumed as soon as possible (within 24 hours)

The relevant use by date can be found on the cream container itself. Please note however that if your cream tea is delivered in particularly warm weather this could affect the longevity of the cream. It truly is best to consume on day of arrival. 

Teas and Coffee Sachets

Your chosen tea or coffee drink arrives in a sealed bag, once opened it will be air exposed and the flavours will start to deteriorate. Once you have opened the bag, ensure you seal the bag or transfer to a clean container as soon as possible.

To make your tea with the bag provided 

Open out one of the paper tea bags we have provided and place into your desired cup. Spoon the loose tea (amount required depends on the strength of your tea you prefer) into the bag. Next carefully pour over the hot water from your kettle. Allow to steep until required strength has been attained. Add milk as required to your taste.

To make more tea, use the second new /clean paper bag we have provided.

To make your cafetiere Coffee (includes decaffeinated)

Simply spoon the ground coffee into your cafetiere (amount you use depends on the strength you favour) pour over boiling water, place cafetiere lid on and allow to steep for a few minutes with the handle up. 

When you are ready to pour, simply press your cafetiere handle down and pour your freshly brewed coffee into your cup.

The relevant best before date can be found on the bag themselves in all cases.


If you are enjoying your cream tea with a bottle of prosecco then we recommend popping it immediately in the fridge upon arrival for at least 2 hours or place the bottle in an ice bucket or container surrounded by ice to chill it down.

Gin and Tonic

We recommend that you chill your tonic on arrival (perhaps clean and place the little icepacks that surrounded your cream into the freezer for a while and they can chill your drink for you as they are perfectly reuseable.

To make your G and T, place some ice (or reused ice packs) into your chosen drinking glass, a slice of lime or lemon is good in it, add the required amount of gin you would like then add tonic to taste. Enjoy! 


Your handmade chocolate digestives arrive in an airtight sealed clear cellulose recyclable bag. Once opened, if you somehow manage not to eat them all in one sitting, then you will need to home them into a biscuit tin/sealed container. (Be warned though, others in your household may find them!)

The relevant use by date can be found on the label of your biscuits. 

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